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Who is ICB?

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) is a Quality Assurance Partner (QAP) of Fasset. Fasset is the Finance and Accounting Sector Education and Training Authority.

All ICB qualifications are registred with the NQF, the South African National Qualifications Framework. ICB’s main goal is to make sure that all bookkeepers are certified.

If you are a member of ICM your qualification is recognised worldwide and by some other international bodies like ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants).

Which ICB courses does College SA offer?

The Accounting Certification Programme

This programme contains 12 modules.  There are different levels of bookkeeping and accounting. This programme leads from a Certified Junior Bookkeeper qualification up to a Certified Financial Accountant qualification.

Here are the Accounting Certification Programme qualifications

  • National Certificate: Junior Bookkeeper (NQF Level 3, SAQA ID 58375)
  • National FET Certificate: Senior Bookkeeper (NQF Level 4, SAQA ID 58376)
  • National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting (NQF Level 5, SAQA ID 36213)
  • National Diploma: Certified Financial Accounting (NQF Level 6, SAQA ID 20366)

The Business Financial Management Certification Programme

This course has three modules that will lead to the Certified Small Business Manager qualification. This programme has one qualification:

  • National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management (NQF Level 4, SAQA ID 48736)

The Office Management Certification Programme

This programme also has 12 modules.  The qualifications range from Certified Junior Office Administrator to a Certified Office Manager.

This programme has the following three qualifications:

  • National Certificate: Office Administration (NQF Level 5, SAQA ID 23618)
  • National Higher Certificate: Office Administration (NQF Level 5, SAQA ID 23619)
  • National Diploma: Office Administration (NQF Level 6, SAQA ID 35958)