Still need help to decide

At Bookkeeping Courses, we know that deciding on a specific course of study is not easy to do. There are a hundred things to consider, and there are often things you just aren’t sure about. Does that sound familiar? Just to make doubly sure that you really want to study bookkeeping, ask yourself the following questions. If you answer YES to most or all of them, this will be a good career choice for you.


  • Do I want to work in an office setting?

  • Do I want to work with accounts?

  • Do I want to balance companies’ books?

  • Am I good at working with numbers and figures?

  • Do I keep calm under pressure?

  • Can I work with a lot of responsibilities and large sums of money?


Since Bookkeeping Courses is a web directory where the main goal is to inform the student about courses and study options, we also have a list of “helper sites” on the home page. You can click on helper sites here to be redirected to the home page.

These helper sites include a link to African Bank, which will assist you with a study loan if possible, as well as links to directories that are college and course finders, which will help you find a college near you to study bookkeeping at.

You will also find a link to Unidas, which is a career advice website built specifically for the South African job market. It will show you how to act during an interview, as well as how to create your curriculum vitae (CV).